World Peace Day Event


Friday night we honored World Peace. If you want love, give love to the ones who seemingly don’t deserve it. If you want respect, give respect to those who seemingly don’t respect you. If you want to be understood, listen and be present with what is being said, even when its a different than your opinion. Give what you want to receive and you will receive more than you can imagine. We have a choice to make in this moment. Even if we feel frustrated, confused, or scared, if we choose to be what we desire instead of fighting, we will experience peace.

The path to inner peace is through acceptance. Everyone can have inner peace. Every moment is an opportunity to be present with the experience. It is an opportunity to become fully present with yourself, to choose love, compassion and acceptance. Every moment is an opportunity to ask yourself -who do I want to be in this moment?

If we embrace the possibilities that present themselves in the here and now, we will experience blessings. The key is to become open to what is beautiful, truly important in life and be the very thing that you desire.

Each and everyone of us has the right to be who we are and if we accept that in another,  we will experience peace.

There was over a thousand world peace meditations around the globe. RWMC & Friends School came together to bring this global meditation to Hampton Roads. We blessed ourselves and our world with peace. We stared into each other’s eyes without an agenda, without giving advice, no words were said, we poured love on each other. Tears flowed as we just simply loved one another. Every moment we have an opportunity to look into someone’s heart and simply love them.

Thank you to Friends School, our sponsors and all the incredible volunteers for helping us make this a powerful night! Thank you to everyone who joined us.









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