While you were making plans…..


You are where God wants you to be at this moment. Every experience is part of his divine plan. -unknown

abstract-art-artistic-290617As the year progresses, it is becoming more clear that 2018 is a year of transition and transformation. A year of letting go of our old selves so we can be our Divine version.

This blog is inspired by Trine’s Facebook post – Loving Island life!💕 It’s crazy how one can be “ so absolutely sure” and yet then come a moment when God whispers “ … are you sure?” Celebrating 26yrs through thick and thin … the thinkable and unthinkable… forgiveness and love = magic 🔮

Every one of us have experienced the unexpected. It might have come as a diagnosis, a financial setback, separation, becoming your parent’s caregiver, sudden unemployment, or maybe the loss of a loved one.

Most of us grow up having expectations of what our lives will look like one day. But if your life is anything like mine, there is a vast difference between what you thought it would look like and what actually happened. What if that was always the plan? For, many years I was a preschool teacher then I had a near death experience that changed my life. Yes, God had other plans for me. When I went back to school every time I was fearful or wanted to control the outcome, I had to remind myself to trust and let go. Every time I wanted to quit I was reminded this is exactly where I was supposed to be.

When life takes an unexpected turn, it can be challenging to have faith, choose love and forgiveness. The moment you embrace the uncertainty and surrender, you will begin to feel at peace. Trust the process. Trust the unconventional. Trust the unknown. Trust that your life was never meant to look like everyone else and that’s okay.

We are unique in so many different ways. No one has the same fingerprints, DNA, irises or voice as you do. So why would our divine plan be any different?  Tour divine plan isn’t created on your expectations of how life should be. Your divine plan isn’t a rigid way to live life correctly. What is your heart calling you? What is tugging at you? What makes you come alive?

When you trust the process, you allow the Divine inspiration to guide you and lead you. You no longer need  life to look a certain way or be a certain way. Every step of the journey leads you to the place where you’re supposed to be.

When you trust the Divine Plan doors open up that take you places that you never imagined. Just remember you are always on perfect time. You are never too early or too late, too young or too old. Everything is just as it supposed to be.

Follow your heart into the unknown, and experience great joy and blessings.


-Victoria, Life Coach


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