Self-Compassion is Key to Living Well

back-view-beautiful-bloom-906002We are our own harshest meanest critics.  We are fearful of doing something wrong or making a mistake. The ‘little voice’ inside our minds is extremely powerful. This voice has significant impacts on our thoughts, emotions and behavior.

We all need to practice being more kind, compassionate and forgiving to ourselves.

We are in constant internal dialogue with ourselves playing the same theme song of “I’m not good enough” which wears us down. This continued loathing put us in a vicious cycle, inhibiting our ability to move forward. Somewhere, sometime ago, we stopped following our own hearts. We stopped making our voice, our passion a priority.

When we practice self-compassion our life becomes easier and we experience more blessings. Our relationships, career, and health flourish when we practice self-compassion.

You are the most important person in your life. Stop belittling, discrediting, undervaluing, and underestimating yourself. Give yourself permission to let go of self-judgment. Treat yourself as you would treat a cherished friend, with gentleness, patience and understanding.

While we are taught to have compassion for others, we forget that having compassion for ourselves is just as important. Speaking to yourself in a more kind, compassionate way takes practice, but it becomes easier. When you change your thoughts it impacts how you feel and influences your behavior.

You are more than the stories and labels you tell yourself.. Your career, your education, trophies, possessions, titles, and your bank account don’t determine your self-worth.  It is time to let go of the story that you are too much; you are not enough; you are flawed; you are a mess.

You are unique, and your purpose is to express your uniqueness.

What does your heart need? What makes you feel nourished? What do you love?

It is time to allow yourself to be all of who you are. It is time to love yourself and become your own best friend.clouds-colors-desert-979599

Victoria, Life Coach and Healer


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