Return to love…you are that important!


From a young age we are taught how to dress, how to behave, how to act appropriately.  We are molded to fit in with our society, and thus we’re taught at young age to seek approval. We begin the journey of editing ourselves until the day we decide to start loving ourselves.  These messages of not being enough perpetuate depression, anxiety, addictions of all sorts, and relationship issues.

What if instead of editing yourself you choose to believe in yourself?  What if instead of dimming your light you choose to love yourself through your fears, through the unknown and through the uncertainty?

You are worthy of accepting yourself just as you are.  You are worthy of respecting who you are. You are worthy of being you and others recognizing who you are authentically.  You are worthy of being yourself. You are worthy of believing in yourself.  You are worthy!

When you decide to love yourself, you create space to explore your soul and start living with intention.

Here are a few tips:

Practice acceptance. Give yourself permission to accept yourself and others just as they are.  Your job isn’t to fix everything and everyone. Your soul’s purpose is love so love yourself unconditionally.

Move your body. When you find yourself back in a story, in an old thought or belief move your body.  Go for a walk, run, dance, yoga.

Practice gratitude. Begin your day and an end your day with gratitude. Write a list every day. Keep a journal by your bedside and fill the pages with your blessings. What you focus on grows, so choose what you want to put energy towards.

Make your health a priority.  How are you showing up for yourself? How are you loving your body, mind and spirit? Do you need to receive a Reiki healing? Try a detox? Drink more water? Try that yoga class you have always wanted to go to?

Celebrate yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments, your progress, your personal growth. Celebrate who you are!

Make a commitment to choose, honor, remember and love yourself every day. Practicing self-love is so important for your inner peace, happiness, health and life.

Victoria, Life Coach and Healer


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