You are loved.

woman-doing-yoga-inside-a-room-3094215 (2)

The Universe is reminding you that what is important right now is to love yourself by being compassionate. When you notice your mind has wandered to how you wish things were different, place your hand on your heart and take deep breaths. You can also place one hand on your heart and the other hand on your forehead while taking deep breaths. You can also try one hand on your forehead and the other hand touching your occipital and add slight pressure. Feel the breath flowing into your body. Notice how the breath feels on the exhale. Breathe in deeply allowing your belly to be soft as it expands with each breath. Exhale slowly, allowing your body to relax. Don’t rush the process.

Honor yourself, by slowing down and focusing on your breath. This process is a powerful tool cultivating a healthy way to respond to stress. This practice sends a direct message to your nervous system that you are safe.  In fact, every breath you take sends essential information to your brain and heart. Your breath is incredibly powerful.

Your breath gives you freedom from suffering. Your breath releases the tension in your body and brings you back to peace. Mindful breathing is an act of love. Love can transform any moment.  Compassion dissolves fearful thoughts and suffering. You have the power to change how you respond to stress. Your mind, body, and spirit require you to nurture it with love. Your entire being is craving love. Your heart wants your undivided attention. Your heart is where you will find your divine wisdom.

When you practice being present, you soften and soothe the thoughts that are causing your pain. When you remove your judgments, the pain dissolves. You are a divine being. You are healing. Healing happens when you choose to love, forgive and be in gratitude.    -Victoria


If you need support during this time please reach out. We are here to support you to move through this with mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness techniques help you to move through your anxious thoughts. This is not the time to attempt to do this alone. Let us help you navigate through the uncertainty.

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