You have a unique way of bringing love into our world.


Miracles happen when you choose to unconditionally love yourself.. Loving yourself clears obstacles and opens doors. When you choose to love yourself, you are connecting to Divine Love. Divine Love has no restrictions and limitations. When you’re consciously choosing divine love, you let go of your judgments, the painful stories you retell in your mind, and the attachments to the outcomes you so desperately hold onto, which ultimately just keep you in pain. These are the things that separate you from the essence of who you are.

When your thoughts are focused on love, kindness, appreciation, and joy, you start experiencing greater harmony in your life. Your light radiates through you because your thoughts are focused on nurturing your mind, body, and spirit with love. By loving yourself in this way, you can easily forgive yourself.


If you take a second to think about what you’re lacking in your life, you might notice that your jaw becomes tight, your shoulders become tense, your breathing becomes shallow, and you can feel the heaviness. When you focus on lack, you are shaming yourself. Shame paralyzes, shrinks your light and causes you to want to become powerless You are torturing yourself with thoughts and emotions of inadequacy.

Focus on 1 thing you love or something that brings you absolute joy (it could be your pet, child, your last vacation, favorite coffee, etc), you might notice that your shoulders roll back, you might be smiling, you feel calmer, there is a greater sense of peace and maybe you’re smiling. You shifted your focus, you shifted your vibration to love.

Burying your emotions or avoiding your emotions is extremely toxic and can negatively impact your behavior and your mental and physical health. Hiding from your emotions disconnects you from yourself. It’s always important to acknowledge how you feel.

Unconditional love heals you from the illusion of fear. When you make the choice to be in divine love, the shift happens. Healing happens. Change happens. It’s this beautiful place where you can release control, fear, anxiety, and judgment. You embody unconditional love. This is your soul’s journey. To be love regardless of what is going on, to give yourself love in every circumstance, and to give without judgments.


This is the time to take an active role in healing your life by being mindful of your thoughts and your energy.  Rather than focusing on perceived imperfections, be present with what a gift you are to the Universe. Love yourself. Take care of yourself by being kind to yourself.

You are a unique expression of Divine love that you are being called to share with the world. You begin by loving yourself. This is your life and you get to choose how you live it moment by moment.



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