The Well Heeled Woman

The Well Heeled Women is a small women’s group  designed to champion  the sage woman.

Well Heeled Woman

You’ve tried it all before, but nothing is working, and you’re  ready for a new approach that actually works. It’s time to emerge=vibrantly, joyfully and peacefully!

To be in your power, you must master the emotion reaction, be poised and centered despite distractions, and above all else know your worth. When you master yourself you  emanate your authentic power, the thing that’s required to invoke your career and life into its fullest divine expression.

Triné will teach you how to align to the Warrioress Spirit within with the Divine‘s Vision for you. 


This is an engaging journey of self-exploration that has participants examine their inner and outer leadership, power, and  vision. You will become proficient  at making choices that support your personal and professional life.

This three-month small group study will expose the core thought patterns and belief systems that keep you from experiencing 100% joy in every area of your life. We will as a unit, advocate, support and love you into strength.

This step-by-step  proven program, will help you navigate change with grace, grit, and fearlessness. You will acknowledge your amazing gifts and strengths you currently have mastered as well as strengthen the weaknesses that limit your complete joy.



$415 a month or
$1235 paid in full
We meet every Friday for 3 months at 10:00 am-11:15 am. Must commit to 3 months.
Dates April 3, 10, 17, 24
May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
June 5, 12, 19, 26

A Night to Reconnect Series



Feeling disconnected from your partner? Tired of the mundane date nights? Has routine replaced the romance in your relationship? Is your relationship taking a back burner to careers and kids?



Join us for our NEW SERIES.
A Night to Re-Connect Every Wednesday in March
Sarts at 7pm

Whether you are looking for creative date nights or looking to build more intimacy and stronger connection, this class will help you and your partner grow deeper in love. As our relationship changes, we are faced with ongoing challenges to be present with our partner. This series is designed to bring you and your partner closer together. This is an opportunity to focus on your relationship with yourself and your partner and reconnect to the qualities that originally drew you together.


Number 1 thing everyone wants is to be truly heard. Number 1 cause of fights in relationship is the need to win or be right. There is no relationship that wins when one of the partner’s loose, or feels less than, or not important.

This is NOT group therapy! You will not be asked to share unless you want to.


This is an interactive and fun workshop which you and your partner will:
Strengthen your committed relationship
Enhance communication
Nurture emotional intimacy
Create more mindful moments together
Engage in fun and easy exercises
Bring fun and intimacy back into your relationship

You won’t be sitting through lectures and you will never be bored.


You and your partner will have the opportunity to learn and grow together, make new friends while enjoying  sacred time together.

Do we have to share personal things about our relationship with others? 
No, you will not. The only sharing that you will have is with your significant other.




Discover new things about yourself and your partner in a

widely wonderful unexpected ways.

Give your relationship this amazing gift of connection. At RWMC, we believe in the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment that respects your privacy.

Limited Seats Available. 

Q: How long is this series?
A: 4 weeks in March. Every Wednesday at 7 pm.

Q: Do we have to attend every week?
A: No. You can attend all 4 classes or drop in as inspired.

Register online:





There are limited spots available.

Meditation Teacher Certification






woman-doing-yoga-inside-a-room-3094215 (1)

Are you feeling called to teach and or deepen your meditation practice?  Join us for an immersion style training that has been proven to be beneficial and life-changing. 

What is immersion style?

Training with an immersion style of study is incredibly powerful. It is done in a small intimate setting where you have full access to the leadership and teachers  through out the entire training period. Our privilege is to enhance your strengths and strengthen your weak areas. We call it loving you into strength.  Our mission, is to help you acknowledge, develop and strengthen your own unique way of leadership. Training under an immersion style means you will not get lost in the large group energy, or online disconnection. We believe that intimate one-on-one training in areas like this is critical to the development and building of one’s skill.

You will be fully supported as you become certified to lead peaceful and powerfully moving meditations. 


In our in-depth program, participants will gain a thorough understanding of theory, practice and teaching meditation. You will cultivate the experience and knowledge needed to support you to lead group meditations with confidence. You become a part of a community that wants, sees and believes in your growth and success.


  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Didactic & experiential learning


Who is this training for?

This training program is designed for those with a meditation background who wish to deepen their understanding with the intention to effectively share this modality with others or deepen their own practice.


What are the benefits of our training program?

  • Ability to teach and facilitate meditation individually or with groups in a variety of settings
  • Ability to create transformational meditations for any size and demographics
  • Ample guidance and feedback from instructor
  • Mentorship and one-on-one supervision with instructor
  • Receive proven scripts for different styles of meditation
  • Learn to create powerful scripts
  • Continue to deepen and extend your personal practice and study.
  • Group feedback
  • Video feedback



Through our immersion style learning in experiential learning and reflection, committed personal practice, and supervised teaching practice, participants will:


  • Teach with confidence and poise
  • Learn proper posture and alignment
  • Master a deep understanding of different meditation methodologies
  • Learn mindful breathing to link body, mind and energy
  • Develop and apply self-compassion practices to self and clients
  • Discover healing that happens within meditation
  • Commitment to your own practice
  • Integrating meditation practice with  life’s daily activities
  • Discover how to lead both individual and group meditation sessions
  • Uncover your own unique style as a meditation instructor
  • Get tips to present yourself in the community and build your clientele
  • Learn the importance of ethics and conduct as the teacher role
  • Journal homework, exercises and small-group study assignments


Your Commitment 

  • Daily meditation practice
  • Upkeep of meditation log and journal
  • Attendance to the monthly weekend all day classes

Our Commitment



  • Quality, in-depth instruction provided by esteemed teacher
  • A thorough foundation in the practice of meditation
  • A wealth of resources, handouts, and materials to support your practice and teaching
  • Small group work and peer support


Triné offers a unique approach to practicing and teaching meditation. Triné offers 25 years of extensive education and experience. She has created a program that will help all participants learn effective strategies and meditation tools. The purpose of this training is to support students to design, develop and lead meditations.

All participants who finish will receive a certificate of completion.

Three month program


Full price $1,200

Early Bird Special ends Thursday, February 20th $1,000

No refunds or exchanges

Payment Plan:

$500 first payment due before Tuesday, March 2nd (non-refundable)

Followed by 3 equal payments due a week before class (non-refundable)

Training Schedule

First Weekend: Saturday, March 7th-Sunday, March 8th

Second Weekend: Saturday, April 4th-Sunday, April 5th

Third Weekend: Saturday, May 2nd-Sunday, May 3rd




Self-Gratitude Challenge

Self-Gratitude is music to the soul. bird-perched-on-tree-branch-2961876 (1)

I encourage you to take a moment and realize that where you are right now is enough. I encourage you to practice self-gratitude and you will experience a feeling of deep connection to the Universe. This beautiful relationship with yourself, creates a beautiful flow of grace, you excuse compassion and you strengthen the vibration of unconditional love.

When you begin to cultivate this feeling of love and gratitude, it deepens your connection to your higher self.

Self-Gratitude is a magical component to living. When I practice self-gratitude, there is a strong knowing that everything is coming together on perfect time. I am at peace knowing that Spirit has me.

I open the window and hear the waves of the ocean or listen to the birds greeting me as I watch the sunrise, and I think what a blessing is to be one with the entire universe. My heart becomes so full knowing that I’m one with everything and everything is one with me.

What music or sounds inspire self-gratitude?

Triné, Life Coach & Healer


We all desire to be loved and to love unconditionally. What if we practiced that with ourselves?

At a very young age we were taught to not shine our light too bright. We were taught to move away from our divine essence.

When we see, acknowledge and give thanks for our own divine light it transforms every experience. There is a beautiful knowing that everything is supporting us to return to love. When we give thanks for who were, who we are now, and who we will become we align to our divine light, the source of love within us.

It is through acknowledging and honoring the divine light that we can heal the deep wounds that cause us suffering and pain in our relationships, including with ourselves. Our divine light reminds us of our self-worth, to love ourselves, and to be compassionate with ourselves. By creating a deeper connection to our light, the more it expands.

What we practice, we inspire.

I am a firm believer that self-gratitude makes you a conscious creator of your life.

You are being of light and you are here to shine

Take a moment and reflect how self-gratitude has impacted your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Victoria, Life Coach & Healer

Self-Gratitude Challenge -Day 3


Forgiveness has the power to liberate us so that we can unconditionally love ourselves exactly as we are.

Forgiveness is rooted in self-love.

Self-forgiveness is the most beautiful expression of love we can give ourselves. Self-forgiveness is the action of restoring harmony to all the places within ourselves that we have disconnected from love.

So why is hard to forgive?

Our wounds and painful memories keep us in the vibration of fear. It keeps us bonded to our pain. We have been taught to shame and judge ourselves which only prolongs our suffering.  We were not taught that self-forgiveness is the key component to being free. It is in learning to forgive ourselves that we can be  free from the pain.

Self-forgiveness leads us to awareness that the experiences that may have left us feeling broken, allowed us to become who we are today, in this moment. Self-forgiveness is to appreciate all of who we are without conditions and judgment. Self-forgiveness reminds us of our own beautiful divine light exists within us.

My personal journey with self-forgiveness:

Forgives is a critical aspect to healing ones heart and mind. When I truly forgave myself for being naïve, blind, angry etc., an incredible vibration change happened and I felt instantly at peace. Peace like I had never felt before. A true knowing on a cellular level that all conditions are indeed perfect. There is a beautiful knowing that everything I experienced actually strengthened me rather than pained me in any way. -Triné

Take a moment and practice self-gratitude. How has forgiveness impacted your life?


Triné, Life Coach and Healer


Self-Gratitude Challenge Day 2


black-haired-woman-hugging-gray-pillow-near-glass-panel-920386Gratitude stimulates your heart and mind to work together. Gratitude expands beyond your limitations to see new possibilities.-Victoria

It is easy to practice gratitude when great things are happening to us, but how often do you feel grateful for just being you?

Gratitude disconnects us from toxic emotions and negative thought patterns. Gratitude inspires a sense of kindness and compassion that generates positive effects on our emotional and mental health. Self-gratitude allows us to operate from a place of faith in ourselves.

Self-gratitude is an emotion that expresses appreciation and love that we feel from a deep place within our soul. When we feel gratitude, we honor our divine light.

Our lives are filled with constant distractions that it is easy to lose track of all the ways we have grown, shifted and transformed. Self-gratitude helps us to lead with love as it emanates from our heart. It nourishes our mind, body and soul. Self-gratitude helps us to acknowledge that even the little things are profound and meaningful in our sacred journey.

Take 3 deep breaths. Place your hand on your heart and focus your attention on your heart. Take a moment to acknowledge that you are a blessing.

We encourage you to join the Self-Gratitude Challenge and discover who you were born to be. Self-Gratitude Challenge is loving, forgiving, accepting, embracing and respecting all of who you are.

Victoria, Life Coach and Healer