Full Moon November 30th

LOVE AND MONEY that’s what this moon is about!

Ask yourself: What is going to support me in this process?

There is zero debt in the divine. When you are feeling tired, you are in a space that you can choose to go higher. Take a pause and go into your divine center. Take a breathe. Declare to trust the divine path. You are moving out of autopilot and choosing the higher vibration.

Everything that is coming up for you is divinely designed to support you to become the best version of yourself.

There is a change coming! We can all feel the change coming. Learn more what this change means. Click on the link below


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Forgiveness: The Healthy Choice

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The year is almost coming to end. Letting go and releasing all the disappointments, anger, frustration, questions, doubts this year may have brought us. Reflecting on the goodness, blessings, revelations, the aha moments, the clarity, new wisdom and strength we didn’t know existed, the resilience and determination to adapt and change. 

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What happened this year is what happened. There is no one to blame. However, this year impacted, challenged, and influenced everyone in some way. We must allow ourselves to have a moment of reflection, allow the tears to wash over us, releasing our pains, dissolving the anger and disappointments. The buried emotions produce toxic chemicals in our bodies It distorts the truth and obscures our divine vision. 

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As we look with hope in our hearts for 2021 it’s important that we practice forgiveness. It takes strength to forgive. We must ask ourselves, “What are we holding on that we need to forgive?” It is in the capacity to hold ourselves accountable for our emotions, thoughts, actions and energy that we experience liberation.

It is through forgiveness we can heal the vibration of lack. We prepare the space for new beginnings, infinite possibilities.

Our responsibility to ourselves is unhook from the belief, we weren’t supported beyond our wildest imagination. We are lacking trust in ourselves, in the Divine, the Universe. The moment we realize the richness, fullness and abundance in our lives, the trajectory of our lives change. The moment we practice forgiveness for everything that causes us misery, we shift the trajectory of our lives.  The moment we shift our energy from victim to loving ourselves, we shift the trajectory of our lives.

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Our vibration is what determines our joy, love, success, wellbeing, abundance, financial stability, and health. Our vibration impacts our personal and professional world. When we fully forgive, we let go of the toxicity that exists within our bodies and within our personal world. Our physical body, relationships, career, financial prosperity, etc, become healthier. 

If we are holding on to grudges and resentments, it will eventually manifest symptoms and cause great discomfort in our lives. If we practice forgiving, we allow everything to come back into wholeness and balance. We allow healing and transformation to happen. 

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If we want to be healthy, if we want to see changes and healing in our lives, practice forgiveness every day. Once you make it a part of your daily life, it becomes a way of living. 


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New Moon Friday, October 16

New Moon is always about going within, This is about making that internal connection with the Divine so that you can be tuned into the Divine version of you. This is a time to align and connect to what the Divine has in store for you.

This moon is about aligning with our partnerships. What do our partnerships bring to the table? IF you have no partner, this is a fantastic time to draw that in. This is about strengthening all the relationships around you.

You are going to want to feel defensive, you will either want to challenge people or be challenged. This is a time to focus on creating the relationship that is going to bring you joy. This is about relationship with yourself. This is about loving yourself into strength. This particular moon is supporting your relationship with yourself.

For more information please click on the New Moon Insights & Meditation

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What about Divine Best Case Scenario

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You have found yourself on this blog because you desire to become a greater version of yourself. You are choosing the path of growth and self-development.
We are all conditioned to worry. We have trained our minds to be focused on worse case scenarios. Often we focus more on how it could go terribly wrong instead of being open to divine ideas, solutions, and possibilities.
The Universe has no opinion of what we are focused on, what has captured our interest. If we are passionately planting seeds of success or failure. What we draw into our lives is based upon what we believe we’re worth experiencing. Eventually, if we believe strongly in our worst-case scenarios we draw in a version of it.

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What if we learned to create the habit of the divine best-case scenario. We can’t stop ourselves from fear. However, we can learn to be present with our fear. We can learn how to meet fear with compassion which empowers us. We can learn to take fear by the hand and say, “I got you and we’re doing this.” Fear is often an indicator that we are on the path to discovering your divine potential, becoming a greater version of yourself. ourselves.
We want to change the way we view our dreams by not feeding it worse case scenarios. We want to learn how to nurture our visions and dreams with best divine-case scenarios. We want to open our hearts so that opportunities that match our heart’s desires come into our reality.

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Yes, we have to become present with your inner and outer dialogue. Yes, we have to become present with your feelings. Yes, we have to become aware of when we slip into old habits and make an adjustment that will support us.
Get in the habit of asking- What is the best possible outcome? Get in the habit of asking people -What is the best possible outcome? Look for signs that everything is unfolding in divine time. The Universe is constantly sending us signs reminding us, we are supported. Go within and set the intention to be open to divine ideas. Be willing to be obedient to the Divine whisper.

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October Full Moon

How have you honored yourself in the last 29 days? How have you honored the people you love?

The Full Moon is designed to help you look inwards and to show you how you are navigating your world.

How are you handling your emotions right now? This moon will be challenging if you are reactive or bury your emotions. This moon is helping you to release the emotions that prevent you from taking actions to create healthy harmonious relationships.


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Prayers will Always be Answered on Perfect Time

I have a sign in my office that says, “If not now, then when?” I look at it every day. During the shut down I placed it in my home office to remind me that even during the shutdown, my prayers were still being answered. God always makes a way for prayers to be answered. Divine Love is stronger than fear.

Now is the time to awaken to your soul’s calling. Now is the time to create what you love. Now is the time to dream and take steps to make it a reality. Now is the time to pray and envision. Now is the time to have faith in yourself.
Take one step forward each day that inspires you and ignites your passions. Take one step forward that matches your heart’s desires. Each day wake up with the intention to be what you desire and watch the magic unfold.

The Universe is constantly working to make things happen. Yes, it takes a heart of a child to believe in times like this. Incredible shifts and changes are happening. It will come on perfect time in the most amazing way. Yes, you must be unattached have zero expectations.

If you need support manifesting your desires call our office. Trine and I love watching our clients dreams become a reality. We will teach you how to create your heart’s deepest desires.

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Super New Moon in Virgo

What do you desire new energy in?

When we get attached to growth, the Universe has an opposite effect. The more attached you are to the timeline, the more restricted you become. Instead of being driven, you want to be aware, focused, present and keep yourself open to opportunities.

Navigate this moon in gratitude. This moon supports you to be in a place of gratitude for what you have so that you flow. Focus on the beauty that is showing up. Focus on the blessings that are coming to you.

For more information check our FB New Moon Live Event

At RWMC, our life coaches approach is to teach clients how to live in love and gratitude to create what they desire.

Full Moon Enjoy the Wonderfully Unexpected

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If there is an energy in your world that is showing up for you, this is a great time to release it. Let’s get clear in your world what’s no longer working for you. In connecting with what is no longer for you, you will become present where you are uncomfortable so that you can heal it.

It’s time to refocus and get clear.

You are a reflection of the Divine. This is an opportunity for you to express the Divine more in your life.

This Full Moon is supporting you to experience personal freedom. You will be easily inspired to express divine creativity. Your unique side will be revealed to you so allow yourself to express it.

You are being supported to experience the wonderfully unexpected. You are going to have an opportunity to experience the most magical encounters and experiences. You will have an opportunity to experience things that bring you what you desire.

Your prayer has been heard.

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For more information check out the video https://www.facebook.com/trine.koehn/videos/3542612325749536

Love, Love, Love


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Breath and Be

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Do you end the day feeling depleted or at peace? For most of us, we are going to bed praying we will fall asleep and not dwell upon about everything that went wrong. It can be challenging to unwind. The harder we try to fall asleep, the more annoyed and irritated we become.

We get ready for bed hoping for good sleep or at least decent sleep. When we are feeling stressed or afraid, we experience tense muscles, rapid breathing, and a racing heart. The consequences of lack of sleep can cause mental, emotional and physical afflictions that can compromise every area of our lives.

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One way to reduce distress is simply focusing  on the breath. Focusing on the breath is one of the most effective relaxation techniques. Our muscles begin to relax and the heart rate slows down. By focusing our attention on our breathing, it reduces the opportunity to contemplate and analyze every little detail. Pay attention to where you are feeling your breath (nose, chest, belly), Pay attention to where you feel the exhale. Pay attention to the pause between the inhale and the pause before the exhale. 

Breathing is one of the most natural things we do as humans. Truthfully, it’s one of the greatest tools that enable us to experience more ease and balance in our lives. Be patient and curious with the process.

As a mindfulness and life coach, I use a variety of breathing techniques to help my clients. By teaching specific strategies helps my clients reduce or eliminate their stress and anxiety. At RWMC, Trine and I believe in supporting our clients to experience complete wholeness.


Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach & Reiki Master Teacher