Full Moon June 24

You are going to be clear on what you have outgrown. In your personal worlds. Power struggles and jealousy will arise, take a pause and show up for yourself in respect and show. The more you move into self-respect and self-love, it will be mirrored back to you. It is a beautiful moon to embrace. Now is the time to create what you desire.

The moon is shinning bright showing you all that is good in your life and everything you have outgrown. Take a moment to appreciate what you have outgrown so you can let it go fully. Let yourself shine bright.

When your heart speaks to you take a step in that direction. In taking a step in that direction, For more information click on Full Moon Insight and Meditation!

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Start your day with…

Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com

From the moment you wake up you are bombarded with stress and responsibilities. What if every morning you set an intention to be open to blessings. Throughout the day you noticed how the Universe is supporting you. You established gratitude from moment to moment as you acknowledged the blessings.

It breaks the habit of believing you are alone. With consistency and grit the image that you have to do everything begins to disappear. You begin to stop resisting and pushing away what life has to offer.  Imagine how one simple act has the impact to shift your day and your outlook on life.

I wake up with a deep sense of gratitude that I am alive. I open myself for grace. Throughout the day I know I am surrounded by grace. Grace is my divine right. No matter what the challenge is I am blessed by grace. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Every time I think the issue is too challenging or I am too exhausted, I remind myself that I am never alone. I remind myself how supported and blessed I am. I remind myself to look for the little reminders from the Universe of  how supported and loved I am. Adversity is a necessary part of the evolution. What seems like a challenge is only there to help activate my highest and greatest potential. 

If you choose to wake up every morning with the intention to look for the goodness and love from the Universe, life becomes more graceful. Life becomes filled with more joy and ease. You begin to notice opportunities are showing up. You notice the small victories are just as important. Stop underestimating yourself and your capabilities. It’s time to explore the essence of who you are.

Create the habit of love and appreciate yourself. Create the habit to acknowledge and expand your self-worth. Create a habit that makes you awake of the abundance that is within you and around you. Create the habit of recognizing how your prayers are being answered. Commit to be kinder to yourself while you explore a deeper sense of gratitude.

Every day make that commitment to set the tone of your day with intention to experience the goodness and richness that life has to offer. From this awareness, you don’t have to search for it or fight for it. You simply open yourself to explore and it will come to you. 

I encourage you to make this a foundational part of your daily practice.

You can do this. It is safe for you to receive the blessings. It is safe for you to explore how loved you are!


Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Energy Therapist

Full Supermoon 5/26

There are huge decisions to make at this time. What needs to end? It’s time for new beginnings and new adventures. Get clear on where you are going and what you want.

Give yourself grace during this time of transition.

Declare what you truly desire. Remember the Universe wants to always collaborate with you and bring you what you desire. Be flexible and patient with the changes coming.


Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Keynote Speaker

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New Moon Insights 4/11

Great time for personal growth!

When your heart is open you can trust our instincts. The energy of this moon its important to seize the moment. It’s a great time to enjoy taking action.

If mind, heart and actions are aligned, blessing upon blessing will show up in your world. You are worthy of receiving. You are worthy of your heart’s desire. You are ready to experience it. Use the energy of gratitude and love to amplify what you desire.

Be in the energy of love and gratitude and what you desire can show up quicker. It takes courage to let go and allow the Universe to support you.

This moon will bring a powerful wave of freshness. Get ready to align with changes happening in your life, plant seeds of love and gratitude, and embrace this new chapter.⠀

For more information click on the video below



Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Motivation Speaker

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Intro to Cupping

When you hear cupping, what come to mind? Images of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps looking like he was attacked by an octopus? When you have muscle pain, it is a signal that your muscle fibers may be stuck together. This reduces blood flow and nerve conduction, further contributing to pain and lack of movement. Cupping therapy is an effective way to ease muscle restriction and pain. Think of Cupping as the inverse of deep tissue massage. Instead of pressing down onto muscle tissue (often with discomfort), cups are placed on the body and the therapist pulls up on the cup, drawing blood and oxygen up through the muscles while lifting and separating stuck tissue layers. This dual action nourishes the muscle fibers, allowing them to relax, restoring the flexibility and ability of the muscle to function to its potential. A cup that is placed and allowed to be stationary draws the blood up through the muscle and can result in a “Cupping Mark”, or discoloration. This is not a bruise or an octopus attack!. This discoloration usually dissipates within 3 -5 days. Moving the cups in different combinations facilitates movement and drainage of lymph and the elimination of toxins and debris.  This draining action helps reduce the potential for discoloration.  

New to cupping? I suggest taking it slow and building up your body’s ability to release toxins and debris that have accumulated over time. As with other therapies, cupping is not a quick fix. It may take several sessions to achieve full function. 

Janice Landfair, LMT

Super Full Moon 3/28

This particular moon is going to bring to focus the core things you are moving through or the things that you are ready to heal. This Full Moon shines the light on the energy that you are interweaving in your life. This moon will either support you to magnify hurt or healing. You choose.

How are you going to choose yourself? How are you going to show up for yourself and your relationships?

This moon is supporting you to evolve and grow. It is an incredible time to forgive, let go, and claim the healing that you are ready for. Welcome in the healing.

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Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Meditation Teacher

Make a Conscious Choice that Supports You

When you become clear on what you desire, you will intuitively know what action to take. When you are aligned to do what is best for you, the Universe will support you to manifest it. Follow your inner knowing what is best for you. It’s not what is best for your husband, employer, colleagues, children, etc. The question is what is best for you. Live by this philosophy and you will experience incredible grace.

The Universe will always support you when you do what is best for you.

Take a pause and make a conscious choice of what supports you. The pause is an action. The pause helps you to recognize what you need. The pause helps you to break the patterns that keep you stuck in cycles that you are outgrowing or have already outgrown. The pause helps you take actions that support you on your personal growth. The pause helps you take actions that align to your divine path.


Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker

Every Day is a New Day to Learn

We are all diverse. As we transform, blossom and change, our attitudes and perceptions shift. We are moving out of our comfort zones and expanding our self-awareness. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about embracing who we are in that moment. This is a powerful process of becoming our best divine selves.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

We are learning how to reframe our weaknesses. We are learning how to appreciate our strengths and our weaknesses. We are learning how to accept ourselves. We are learning to reflect and take pauses. We are learning to be curious and less in judgement. 

We are learning how to return to that space of wonderment and awe.

We are learning how to nurture our mind, body and spirit. We are exploring ways to enjoy now, this beautiful moment.  This moment is unique and will never return again. 

We are learning the purpose and power of the breath. We are learning how to release the pain, grief, sadness, with our breath. We are learning the freedom that the breath gives us. 

We are discovering new ways of drawing in what we deeply desire. We are discovering that we have far more power than we realize to generate the things we would like in life

We are learning the importance of healing ourselves.  

2020-2021 is teaching us so much. This is our time to shed old stories so that we can shine brighter.  Delve a little deeper because we are all worthy of living healthier and happier.


Life Coach & Energy Therapist


Loving Yourself a Little More Each Day

What do you bring your attention to that you love about your physical body? What parts of your body do you think you are beautiful?

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

Instead of shaming the parts that you don’t like. Nurture the parts of yourself that you love. Feed the parts of you that you feel are beautiful. This energy will expand. You will become less aware of the parts that you don’t like. You will become more aware of the parts that you love and the other parts of your body that you may have not noticed.

As you practice loving yourself more, your world will reflect back to you love. You will draw in more compliments. You will draw in more people appreciating you. You will draw in people loving themselves. You are shinning your light which gives other permission to shine theirs. You are living authentically and loving yourself unconditionally.

Photo by Robert Stokoe on Pexels.com

You will begin to appreciate the way you look. You are turning your attention away from what you perceive as undesirable to what is desirable.

Healing is taking the dark and the light and bringing them together. Healing is not a removal of what you don’t like. Healing isn’t changing what you don’t like. It’s about appreciating the wholeness of who you are.

Stop focusing on what you believe you lack. Shift your focus to your beauty. Start focusing on the beauty. Accentuate what you love about yourself, for YOURSELF. Bring attention to what is stunning about yourself. Really appreciate the parts of you that you feel are beautiful.

Photo by Jennifer Enujiugha on Pexels.com

Healing comes from harmonizing your shadow and light. Creating and finding the balance.


Life Coach, Master Reiki Teacher Trainer, Key Note Speaker, Meditation Coach

Full Moon in Leo

Thursday, January 28th

It takes discipline to know where you are driven, it also takes discipline to allow it to come in. This is a time to bring your world into balance.

This is an incredible time to let go of the energy, dynamic, pattern, and relationship that no longer serves you. It’s going to take courage to let go of the pain.

This is a powerful time to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Be transparent.

This time you are being supported in a magical love energy to let go of the struggle. You will receive miracles and blessings if you choose to let go.

This is a time to practice being grounded in who you are and shining your light. This is a time to feel confident in who you are that others can shine. Speak your truth and you will experience peace. Share your dreams and passions.

If you force anything, it will backfire. Explore and know your worth. Get clear, be centered allow yourself to receive, and trust your Divine plan.


Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Relationship Coach

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