Intro to Cupping

When you hear cupping, what come to mind? Images of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps looking like he was attacked by an octopus? When you have muscle pain, it is a signal that your muscle fibers may be stuck together. This reduces blood flow and nerve conduction, further contributing to pain and lack of movement. Cupping therapy is an effective way to ease muscle restriction and pain. Think of Cupping as the inverse of deep tissue massage. Instead of pressing down onto muscle tissue (often with discomfort), cups are placed on the body and the therapist pulls up on the cup, drawing blood and oxygen up through the muscles while lifting and separating stuck tissue layers. This dual action nourishes the muscle fibers, allowing them to relax, restoring the flexibility and ability of the muscle to function to its potential. A cup that is placed and allowed to be stationary draws the blood up through the muscle and can result in a “Cupping Mark”, or discoloration. This is not a bruise or an octopus attack!. This discoloration usually dissipates within 3 -5 days. Moving the cups in different combinations facilitates movement and drainage of lymph and the elimination of toxins and debris.  This draining action helps reduce the potential for discoloration.  

New to cupping? I suggest taking it slow and building up your body’s ability to release toxins and debris that have accumulated over time. As with other therapies, cupping is not a quick fix. It may take several sessions to achieve full function. 

Janice Landfair, LMT

Super Full Moon 3/28

This particular moon is going to bring to focus the core things you are moving through or the things that you are ready to heal. This Full Moon shines the light on the energy that you are interweaving in your life. This moon will either support you to magnify hurt or healing. You choose.

How are you going to choose yourself? How are you going to show up for yourself and your relationships?

This moon is supporting you to evolve and grow. It is an incredible time to forgive, let go, and claim the healing that you are ready for. Welcome in the healing.

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Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Meditation Teacher

Make a Conscious Choice that Supports You

When you become clear on what you desire, you will intuitively know what action to take. When you are aligned to do what is best for you, the Universe will support you to manifest it. Follow your inner knowing what is best for you. It’s not what is best for your husband, employer, colleagues, children, etc. The question is what is best for you. Live by this philosophy and you will experience incredible grace.

The Universe will always support you when you do what is best for you.

Take a pause and make a conscious choice of what supports you. The pause is an action. The pause helps you to recognize what you need. The pause helps you to break the patterns that keep you stuck in cycles that you are outgrowing or have already outgrown. The pause helps you take actions that support you on your personal growth. The pause helps you take actions that align to your divine path.


Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker

Every Day is a New Day to Learn

We are all diverse. As we transform, blossom and change, our attitudes and perceptions shift. We are moving out of our comfort zones and expanding our self-awareness. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about embracing who we are in that moment. This is a powerful process of becoming our best divine selves.

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We are learning how to reframe our weaknesses. We are learning how to appreciate our strengths and our weaknesses. We are learning how to accept ourselves. We are learning to reflect and take pauses. We are learning to be curious and less in judgement. 

We are learning how to return to that space of wonderment and awe.

We are learning how to nurture our mind, body and spirit. We are exploring ways to enjoy now, this beautiful moment.  This moment is unique and will never return again. 

We are learning the purpose and power of the breath. We are learning how to release the pain, grief, sadness, with our breath. We are learning the freedom that the breath gives us. 

We are discovering new ways of drawing in what we deeply desire. We are discovering that we have far more power than we realize to generate the things we would like in life

We are learning the importance of healing ourselves.  

2020-2021 is teaching us so much. This is our time to shed old stories so that we can shine brighter.  Delve a little deeper because we are all worthy of living healthier and happier.


Life Coach & Energy Therapist

Loving Yourself a Little More Each Day

What do you bring your attention to that you love about your physical body? What parts of your body do you think you are beautiful?

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Instead of shaming the parts that you don’t like. Nurture the parts of yourself that you love. Feed the parts of you that you feel are beautiful. This energy will expand. You will become less aware of the parts that you don’t like. You will become more aware of the parts that you love and the other parts of your body that you may have not noticed.

As you practice loving yourself more, your world will reflect back to you love. You will draw in more compliments. You will draw in more people appreciating you. You will draw in people loving themselves. You are shinning your light which gives other permission to shine theirs. You are living authentically and loving yourself unconditionally.

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You will begin to appreciate the way you look. You are turning your attention away from what you perceive as undesirable to what is desirable.

Healing is taking the dark and the light and bringing them together. Healing is not a removal of what you don’t like. Healing isn’t changing what you don’t like. It’s about appreciating the wholeness of who you are.

Stop focusing on what you believe you lack. Shift your focus to your beauty. Start focusing on the beauty. Accentuate what you love about yourself, for YOURSELF. Bring attention to what is stunning about yourself. Really appreciate the parts of you that you feel are beautiful.

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Healing comes from harmonizing your shadow and light. Creating and finding the balance.


Life Coach, Master Reiki Teacher Trainer, Key Note Speaker, Meditation Coach

Full Moon in Leo

Thursday, January 28th

It takes discipline to know where you are driven, it also takes discipline to allow it to come in. This is a time to bring your world into balance.

This is an incredible time to let go of the energy, dynamic, pattern, and relationship that no longer serves you. It’s going to take courage to let go of the pain.

This is a powerful time to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Be transparent.

This time you are being supported in a magical love energy to let go of the struggle. You will receive miracles and blessings if you choose to let go.

This is a time to practice being grounded in who you are and shining your light. This is a time to feel confident in who you are that others can shine. Speak your truth and you will experience peace. Share your dreams and passions.

If you force anything, it will backfire. Explore and know your worth. Get clear, be centered allow yourself to receive, and trust your Divine plan.


Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Relationship Coach

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Healing Power of Touch

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What keeps you up at night? Job stress, financial worries, marital problems? The inability to sleep floods the body with fight or flight stress hormones, affecting the ability of both the mind and the body to function correctly. There is a neuro-chemical relationship between the mind and the body. Thoughts are related to the mind. Feelings are connected to the body. The body links a physical sensation to the thoughts and feelings you have. The brain produces chemicals so you feel how you are thinking. As the feelings of the body align with thoughts generated in the mind, it creates a continuous cycle: you feel the way you think, and you think the way you feel.

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An example of how this dynamic plays out is the challenges of everyday life are causing you stress. You feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your neck and shoulders are tense and tight. You feel the tension in your shoulders and you think about how stressed you are. Hands on therapies such as Massage and Reiki activate receptors in the skin that provide sensory input and physical information to the brain resulting in mechanical and reflexive responses in the body. This engages the parasympathetic nervous system which activates a relaxation response. The body switches from fight or flight mode, to rest and digest mode which helps promote sleep and relaxation. When our body is in a relaxed state it engages the body’s natural ability to heal itself. During this period of relaxation, the body engages its innate healing process, and allows for individuals to contemplate options or solutions to life challenges. Making massage or Reiki part of your regular wellness routine reduces the effect of stress on your body, enhances your ability to sleep, and helps you to better cope with everyday situations that may cause stress. 

Janice, Massage Therapist

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What does Real Self-Love Look Like

Our thoughts can be like gasoline igniting our emotion. If we are not aware of our thoughts and feelings, we are triggered very easily. All of the sudden we find ourselves screaming, humiliating, shaming, blaming, rejecting and punishing the people around us. We become so angry and embarrassed at ourselves for not having self-control.

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Emotional regulation is our ability to be resilient. The more we cultivate and practice taking the pause when we are overwhelmed and stressed, the easier it is to make that the consistent choice. The more we practice taking the pause with our partners, children, co-workers, employers, family members, clients, and etc., it becomes a part of our attitude to the situation. The pause supports us to connect, reflect, ask, and have deeper understanding of ourselves, others and the situation.

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When we are triggered, we have two options join the chaos or create a sense of peace and safety within ourselves. We are always one breath away from being calm. We are always one breath away from being kind. We are always one breath away from feeling safe. It means practicing when someone cuts you off in traffic, or when the kids are yelling at each other, or being put on hold for 10 minutes, or co-worker not finishing a project on time. Whatever hot emotion we are experiencing, becoming present with it supports us to make a healthy choice.

The only way to break the cycle is to practice self-compassion and self-care. When we are caught up in the situation, we need to return to self-compassion. Self-compassion is so powerful. The moments we forget to pause, return to self-compassion. We all have those moments that catch us off guard. This is not about being perfect. This is about loving and being gentle with ourselves through the experience.

When we’re stressed, our sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive, hijacks our ability to think rationally. Self-care is crucial to being successful at work and home. It’s crucial component to having healthy boundaries and relationship. Self-care helps us to restore, heal, find clarity and have balance.

Make the commitment this year to really take care of yourself. If you are seeking change, self-love is the real game changer. Part of self-love is cultivating the pause.


Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach and Reiki Master


Launch Fearlessly into 2021

Launching  Fearless into 2021 is a profound and intensive experience. Join us for an extremely special  and unique retreat experience.

Everybody yearns for a private retreat where they can truly go to the next level within themselves and manifest into their lives precisely what they truly desire.

Regardless, if your focus is on personal relationships, business development, or spiritual growth, this incredible experience will create a new level of synthesis within your mind, body, and soul connection.

If there is any resistance, we will explore it, get to its root, and heal it.

You will develop the strength, courage, and wisdom and truly move into the divine plan intended for you. Because the groups are kept small, you will be experiencing both benefits of one-on-one attention and the magic healing from participating in a group.

Launch Fearlessly retreats have gained an extraordinary reputation amongst people who really want to live their divine plan. Launch Fearlessly retreats has had a profound enriching influence on a vast number of people changing their lives in the most incredible ways. 

This retreat will change your life. It is time to nourish and truly honor yourself.  

  • You will go on a series of interpersonal journeys in which you will discover the unseen support system the Universe has in place for you to experience success right now. 
  • You will learn how to access the internal divine support system when you are feeling low, unmotivated or less than. 
  • You will learn the number one reason you don’t have what you are worthy of YET … and how to achieve it.
  • You will learn how to recognize signs of polarity and stagnation before they become a problem!  And learn how to adjust your vibrational frequency immediately so that you stay on track.. 
  • You will learn how to integrate daily embodiment practices.

One full day launch fearlessly retreat 

Three mini retreats 1/

One mini retreat Each quarter

11 monthly meeting

52 weekly accountability connection with Trine

The total value of this package is $6675. We are launching it this year for $2,500.

Very limited seats are available. If you have any further questions about what LAUNCH  FEARLESSLY  will do for you please contact us at 1-757-491-6500.  

Life is meant to be loved, lived fully with lots of laughter! Let us help you Truly love this  Life!

Jan 9 …full  

Jan 10 …full ( this is a personal launch fearlessly day ) 

Jan 17 …2 spots available 

Feb 6 …4 spots available 

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New Moon December 14th

New Moon & Solar Eclipse Insights

This moon is about communication, delivery, and amplifies how you communicate and how you think.

This Moon is here to help you to heal. You must love yourself and hold the space of being clear what you desire from the Universe. What vibration do you desire more than anything. You are worthy. This is the time to connect the divine child that you are.

How you think will be amplified! You want to create something you want to focus on. This moon will support you to manifest what you desire.

Take a pause and be clear before you communicate. Be mindful before you dip into lower extreme vibrations.

This is a magical time to bring in what you want to create. What experience do you want to create? What vibration do you want to experience.


Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Master Teacher

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