Improve your health with mindfulness breathing

Did you know that your breath is the most effective and simplest mindfulness tool to bring yourself back to peace? It might sound preposterous to believe that something as simple as breathing could, in fact, drastically change your health and overall wellbeing. Science is proving that learning how to breathe properly dramatically improves an individual’s life.

It is one of the best antidotes for stress, anxiety and depression. 


Your emotions and thoughts are linked to your health. When you become stressed, your entire body responds to the perceived threat. When you choose to practice conscious breathing, it signals the parasympathetic nervous system to take over reducing anxiety, reducing your blood pressure, and increasing energy levels.

Focusing on your breath helps you to disengage from the racing thoughts. Cultivating daily breathing practices into your life supports you to become more present in your actions which ultimately affects the choices you are making.

Your breath is one of the most effective ways to take care of your mental and emotional health.


Learning different breathing techniques has an immediate and profound relief from daily stressors. 

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The Dream that Lives in You


Everyone has the capability to dream, but not everyone has the willingness to create their heart’s desire.

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to experience but you’ve let that dream fade away?  Do you ever wake up and wonder: What would it be like to follow your dream? You might have dreamed about traveling the world, buying a beach house on a tropical island, running a non-profit organization, preforming on stage, publishing your first book, going back to school, opening a café, learning the Argentinean Tango, or learning another language, or doing something that gives you a sense of freedom, purpose and excitement and makes you come alive.

Do you have a dream that is calling you that you’ve never pursued? Did you place that big dream on the back burner while you tended to your life commitments and immediate matters?


Many people avoid forging their own journey, convinced it’s too late, too complicated or they simply don’t have the energy to balance all the other life commitments.

Did you know that the average age of entrepreneurs is between 55 and 65?

Did you know that…

Vera Wang was 40 when she designed her first dress.

Donald Fisher was 40 when he opened his first Gap store.

Stan Lee was 40 when he released his first big comic book.

Henry Ford was 45 when he introduced the world to Model T car.

Reed Hastings was 47 when he started his Netflix stream.

Julia Child was 51 when she started her cooking show.

Morgan Freeman was 52 when he landed his first major movie role.

Laura Ingalls Wilder was 65 when Little House on the Prairie was published.

We might believe that dreaming is for our younger selves but the truth is it’s never too late. Where there is a will, there is always a way. It’s remembering that you are worthy. It’s knowing that your dreams are an essential part of you.

You might have a long list of why it’s not possible. You might be reading this and thinking that your dreams are unrealistic, risky, scary, outrageous or too selfish. Your soul is yearning. Let go of whatever you are telling yourself why its impossible.


Your heart’s desire is not random. Decide this is your time. Allow the Universe to support you. Allow yourself to know that you are worthy of experiencing joy and freedom. Feel that within you have the wisdom, the knowledge and the power to create your heart’s desire.

Share your gifts. Share your passions. Share your light.

Stop waiting and start living. The more you are willing to live out of your comfort zone, do the things that scare you, the stronger and more fearless you will become.


Life Coach and Healer

How could your life be different if you loved unconditionally?

aerial-photography-bird-s-eye-view-colors-1557238For years I wanted to achieve great things, accomplish the unbelievable, and become something amazing so that I could feel whole, complete and valued. I searched, I looked, I tried, I fought until I became…

I know many of us are looking to feel whole. Everyone appears to be looking for the magical answer. The answer is simple, unconditional love. It is amazing how we go to great lengths to shield ourselves from experiencing unconditional love.

Did you know that unconditional love is innate in all of us?

Love has been defined by philosophers, religion, and even science, yet it is still a concept that most of us don’t understand. Unconditional love may seem like an illogical notion – being completely loved, understood, forgiven, and accepted just as you are. However, unconditional love means to acknowledge who you are, not who you think you should be. To accept people as they are, not who you think they should be or who you need them to be.

Is it possible to experience unconditional love? Yes. This feeling is the most liberating sensation you will ever experience.

Unconditional love is boundless and universal. It’s a force that exists within you. It is always within us whether we recognize it or not. It is a part of you, always flowing through you. Unconditional love is the most sacred and highest form of love.

It is a state of being. It dissolves all separation. It has no judgments, limits, conditions or fears. It is life and a way of living. It is compassion, connection, and truly amazing.

Imagine if you saw situations, lessons and personal growth from the eyes of love instead of judgment and fear. Imagine if you gave yourself that grace and allowed yourself to be unconditional love, you would feel a sense of peace no matter what the circumstance you were experiencing right now. Imagine if you love unconditionally, you would allow others to seek their own dreams and fulfill their destinies.

Unconditional love is the very essence of life. It awakens the potential within us. Loving unconditionally is a continuous process, not an end goal.

The Universe is waiting for you to open your heart and love unconditionally.

I invite you to give Love to yourself and others today in your thoughts, actions and words.


If you are feeling a calling, a yearning in your soul to dive deep to uncover what has been suppressed, hidden, denied, contact RWMC.


Life Coach & Healer


Return to love…you are that important!


From a young age we are taught how to dress, how to behave, how to act appropriately.  We are molded to fit in with our society, and thus we’re taught at young age to seek approval. We begin the journey of editing ourselves until the day we decide to start loving ourselves.  These messages of not being enough perpetuate depression, anxiety, addictions of all sorts, and relationship issues.

What if instead of editing yourself you choose to believe in yourself?  What if instead of dimming your light you choose to love yourself through your fears, through the unknown and through the uncertainty?

You are worthy of accepting yourself just as you are.  You are worthy of respecting who you are. You are worthy of being you and others recognizing who you are authentically.  You are worthy of being yourself. You are worthy of believing in yourself.  You are worthy!

When you decide to love yourself, you create space to explore your soul and start living with intention.

Here are a few tips:

Practice acceptance. Give yourself permission to accept yourself and others just as they are.  Your job isn’t to fix everything and everyone. Your soul’s purpose is love so love yourself unconditionally.

Move your body. When you find yourself back in a story, in an old thought or belief move your body.  Go for a walk, run, dance, yoga.

Practice gratitude. Begin your day and an end your day with gratitude. Write a list every day. Keep a journal by your bedside and fill the pages with your blessings. What you focus on grows, so choose what you want to put energy towards.

Make your health a priority.  How are you showing up for yourself? How are you loving your body, mind and spirit? Do you need to receive a Reiki healing? Try a detox? Drink more water? Try that yoga class you have always wanted to go to?

Celebrate yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments, your progress, your personal growth. Celebrate who you are!

Make a commitment to choose, honor, remember and love yourself every day. Practicing self-love is so important for your inner peace, happiness, health and life.

Victoria, Life Coach and Healer

Love or Fear – What do You Choose?

clouds-light-mountains-45848“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us.” Marianne Williamson

“There are only two feelings: love and fear.
There are only two languages: love and fear.
There are only two activities: love and fear.
There are only two motives, two procedures, two frameworks, two results:
love and fear. Love and fear.” Michael Leunig

Are you living in fear or trusting in love? This is a life-changing choice that you make each moment. 

When we live from a place of love, anything is possible. If you’re in fear, you’re not in the vibration of love. When you’re in the vibration of love, you’re not fear. It’s impossible to be in both vibrations at the same time.  Where love exists that is where miracles and blessings happen. 

We all experience fear of some kind during our lives: fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of being alone, fear of love, fear of not being understood, fear of criticism, or fear of the unknown. When fear presents itself, it’s what we do with it that makes the difference in our lives.  Every moment offers the choice to choose love or fear. 

When fear rules your life, you are not living to your potential. When you operate from love, it is easier to move forward and be focused on your heart’s desire.  When you choose love, you are allowing yourself to be whole, fulfilled and fearless. 

Begin choosing love each time you open yourself to blessings. Give yourself the gift of love, in ways that bring you joy and open your heart. You are beautiful, powerful and a blessing to the world.


Trine’, Life Coach and Healer

Self-Compassion is Key to Living Well

back-view-beautiful-bloom-906002We are our own harshest meanest critics.  We are fearful of doing something wrong or making a mistake. The ‘little voice’ inside our minds is extremely powerful. This voice has significant impacts on our thoughts, emotions and behavior.

We all need to practice being more kind, compassionate and forgiving to ourselves.

We are in constant internal dialogue with ourselves playing the same theme song of “I’m not good enough” which wears us down. This continued loathing put us in a vicious cycle, inhibiting our ability to move forward. Somewhere, sometime ago, we stopped following our own hearts. We stopped making our voice, our passion a priority.

When we practice self-compassion our life becomes easier and we experience more blessings. Our relationships, career, and health flourish when we practice self-compassion.

You are the most important person in your life. Stop belittling, discrediting, undervaluing, and underestimating yourself. Give yourself permission to let go of self-judgment. Treat yourself as you would treat a cherished friend, with gentleness, patience and understanding.

While we are taught to have compassion for others, we forget that having compassion for ourselves is just as important. Speaking to yourself in a more kind, compassionate way takes practice, but it becomes easier. When you change your thoughts it impacts how you feel and influences your behavior.

You are more than the stories and labels you tell yourself.. Your career, your education, trophies, possessions, titles, and your bank account don’t determine your self-worth.  It is time to let go of the story that you are too much; you are not enough; you are flawed; you are a mess.

You are unique, and your purpose is to express your uniqueness.

What does your heart need? What makes you feel nourished? What do you love?

It is time to allow yourself to be all of who you are. It is time to love yourself and become your own best friend.clouds-colors-desert-979599

Victoria, Life Coach and Healer

Seeing Life Through the Eyes of Love


“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

When you see the world through the eyes of love, your perception changes. Love transforms hurt, fear, and conflict into harmony and grace. All it takes is a shift in perception from fear to love. Love brings healing and forgiveness.

When we judge others including ourselves, we are projecting old experiences of pain into the present moment. We all have our stories. We have all experienced the feeling of inadequacy. Fear, pain and despair occur in all of us when we lose our connection to our higher self.. If we want to have peaceful, loving lives and enriching relationships with others, be compassionate with yourself and others.

Are you choosing to see yourself, your body, your past, others, and your world through the eyes of the love?


You have spent enough years criticizing yourself and others. You have spent years being afraid. Fear is when we allow ourselves to be disconnected from the infinite possibilities. When you choose to see through the eyes of love, it will catapult you into a place of blessings. Where there was once challenges, you now see opportunities and possibilities. This is simply a new practice – seeing life through your heart. In each moment, you have a choice to see the situation through the eyes of love or fear.

As you read this ask yourself:

Is there something in your life that you can apply seeing through the eyes of love?

Is there a person in your world that you are willing to do it differently? Are you willing to see them in their divine state?

When you see through the eyes of love, your perception changes. Make the choice today to start seeing with your heart rather than your eyes.

-Trine’, Life Coach

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